Introduced UL Certified Fire Door

fire door

Introduced UL Certified Fire Door

When a fire starts, it is most important to evacuate the people safely from the building. After evacuation, the doors must serve as a fire and smoke barrier. It is a well-known fact, that in a fire more people are killed by either smoke asphyxiation or by panic, than by the fire.

Fire Doors must serve four main functions:

  • Serve as a regular door at all times.
  • Provide ready egress from a fire area during a fire.
  • Inhibit the fire from spreading throughout the building or to adjacent building.
  • Protect life and property by reducing smoke hazards.

Our Heavy-duty, reinforced steel doors are designed for use in industrial, commercial or residential applications. They available in single or double panel configuration with frames prepared for installation in Masonry, Steel, or Wood stud construction. Our range of fire rated hollow metal doors and frames are certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for Fire Rating upto 3 hours or Class A. Our fire rating procedure for both hollow metal doors and frames complies with UL specification procedures.

Features» Material: galvanized steel with powder coating.
» Door frame outer dimensions (H*W): 84″*36″/48″/60″/72″
» The door leaf thickness: 50MM
» The door surface panel thickness: 1.0mm
» The door frame steel thickness: 1.8mm
» Opening direction: outward
» Hinge position: on left / on right
» Doorsill: painted steeped threshold
» Hinge: 4pcs stainless steel 180 degree visible fire-proof hinge
» Handle: Push(panic) bar or normal fire lock
» Filled material: Siliacte-Aluminium board(Ceramic fiber board ) or Magnesium Oxide Board
» Packing: Foam plastic pad + bubble bag and export outer box
» Keep in complete form by≥950
» Back side door leaf average temperature is about 83.3 after 1.2H or longer time burning
» Fire-proof seal around the door with overhead closer
» With vision panel (32MM thick fire-proof glass)
» Color: International standard color (RAL K7 CLASSIC)
» Fire certificate: ITS/WH-BS476:22 and EN1634-1

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